Filozofska fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani


Over deze organisatie

The Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana is a founding member of the University of Ljubljana and has been educating students since 1919. It is the largest of all faculties in Slovenia, both in terms of the number of students and the number of courses offered by its 21 departments. Most study programs can be combined within the so-called two-subject study format, which is another speciality and advantage of studying at the Faculty of Arts. From the academic year 2009/2010 onwards, all study programs are conducted in accordance with the Bologna reform.

The Unit for Sports takes care of the good physical condition of our students. Rich extracurricular activities are prepared in particular by the Student Council and the Student Organization of the Faculty of Arts, while the mobility of students and teaching staff as well as international educational projects are handled by the International Office. The Faculty of Arts has a well-organized tutoring system that helps students to overcome obstacles they encounter during their studies.

Mission and Vision of the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, educates students and creates top-level academics with an open and critical mind with regard to the humanities, social science and educating teachers in these fields.

Special attention is placed on the strengthening of disciplines of national importance that co-create the Slovenian identity. The faculty fosters scientific research work, opens new scientific fields, develops interdisciplinarity and introduces new study programmes for its students.

Scientific knowledge is integrated into the study process by building new quality on a tradition that is essential for Slovenian self-awareness and the creative presence of the faculty in the global arena.

Deriving from the freedom of scientific research, it sees to scientific development in all fields for which experts are trained. Students are facilitated in taking advantage of their talents and in achieving the goals they have set for their careers. The study process is designed and organized in such a way that it enables graduates to get a job as quickly as possible or to continue their studies at a higher level.

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