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The Erasmus Training Centre (ETC), formally known as the “Erasmus Taalcentrum”, was founded as a Dutch language institute based in Jakarta on the premises of the Dutch embassy: It has provided Dutch language and culture courses in Indonesia since 1981 and over a 1000 Indonesians per year have attended its courses.

Currently, the mission of the Erasmus Training Centrum is to support and facilitate ‘student/ knowledge’ mobility between the Netherlands and Indonesia by offering Dutch language & culture training, as well as academic preparation. The ambition of the ETC is to realise this mission in close cooperation with its partners, while running operations self-sufficiently. Furthermore, as a platform, it offers opportunities for both Indonesian and Dutch higher education institutions as well as businesses in providing training and education in Indonesia.

For Dutch Higher Education Institutes (DHEIs) and related businesses, Indonesia is an attractive country, located in a region that shows steady economic and population growth. The next ten to twenty years will see a steep growth in the number of students in Indonesia and pent-up demand for high quality educational services in the country, as well as for students and workers going abroad. The Erasmus Training Centrum can deliver a significant contribution to meeting this demand by offering Dutch language (up to ERK-level B1), culture and academic preparation courses to Indonesian students who are planning to study or work in the Netherlands.

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